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Welcome to Penn's Pens!!

Welcome to Penn's Pens. Custom woodcrafter, Dale Penn has been making pens and pencils out of exotic and domestic hardwoods since 1996. Since then, he has started making pens out of different materials, including rifle shells, corn cobs, rattlesnake skin, antler, computer circuit boards and coconut shells. Each pen is handcrafted individually with great care. All pens use standard Parker style or Cross style refills for the ballpoints. Roller ball pens use Zebra, Hauser or Schmidt refills.

Dale makes pencils as well, mostly to go with a pen as a pen and pencil set.

All of the woods that are used are typically exotic woods however some wood that is used is historic in nature. Dale makes pens and pencils out of wood from Jack Daniels aging barrels, Olive wood from the Holy Land as well as wood from the trees lost in the 1998 tornado that hit Nashville and the Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson. These pens from the trees from the Hermitage include Walnut, Cherry, and Tulip Poplar, which is the state tree of TN. All of these historic wood pens come with certificates of authenticity.

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